50 years of Bond, what can one say! The trailers and the reviews leading upto the film have built a lot of buzz and expectation. The director, Sam Mendes, had his work cut out for him and he hasn't let us down. Skyfall is easily one of the best Bond movies of all time and certainly one of the best movies of the year.

The film has all that you would expect from a Bond flick. Guns, fights, chics, brilliant opening sequence .. you name it. What the writers and the director have also added is depth to the characters. Since Daniel Craig donned the role we have seen Bond not as a merciless killing machine- womaniser, but as a human being. Skyfall brings out the depth of Bond's character. Not satisfied, the writers have brought up Judi Dench's M on a pedestal. This isn't just a Bond movie, it's also an M film. Jane Martinson at the Guardian called Skyfall the least sexist Bond film, and she's right. M will leave your jaw dropping, the writers have fleshed out her character from all the hints they've left to her character in the previous movies. The tough, no - nonsense, do-whatever-is-necessary M has been beautifully essayed by the inimitable Dame Judi Dench.

A while into the film you start thinking the trailer has let out too much. Not to worry though, there's plenty to come ;-) If you've seen the trailer, then you pretty much know the first few minutes.

But there's plenty of material left to enjoy. Javier Bardem does well as the Bond villain. His backstory is well woven, I thought.

A piece of advice before you rush to the nearest theatre - watch this in a good theatre! The cinematography by Roger Deakins is simply superb. I especially enjoyed the scenes in Scotland. The huge mountains and the deserted plains have been captured so well.

tl;dr - Must watch

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