RIP, Steve

Steve Jobs has passed away.

There are few people who truly change the flow of the human race. Steve Jobs was one of those few. People will talk about him, worship him and study him for years. Those of us who lived while he did will consider themselves fortunate.

He always thought of the normal guy. Few people could do that. His obsession with creating wonderful products changed the way we live. If you told me a few years back that I would own a smartphone and it would do all the amazing things it does, then I would have laughed at you. So would a million people. If you told me that I would listen to music with a player smaller than a matchbox, then I would have laughed at you. Much of the revolution today can be attributed to the vision and persistence of a single individual.

He was more than an engineer. In many ways he taught engineers to follow a higher calling. Teaching us that all of what we do has no significance until it can bring a smile to your neighbour.

Steve, the world will miss you. Rest in peace.

Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

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