Ice Cream Bunny

Once upon a time there was a cute bunny

Cute bunny

The bunny was going about its usual exercise of sleeping and eating and sleeping and eating when suddenly it saw some really yummy ice cream.


Bunny felt very happy

Bunny very happy

Bunny went to task without wasting time

Cute bunny eating

Little did Bunny know that the ice cream was, in fact, made from radioactive stuff.

radioactive stuff

After eating the whole lot Bunny felt dizzy. Bunny rushed to the mirror in its house. Bunny was seeing double!

double bunny

Bunny tried drinking some medicine

bunny drinking medicine

But it was of no use. Bunny was now seeing triple...

3 cute little bunnies

It was then that Bunny fainted. The next morning, Bunny woke. It looked into the mirror again and found that it had changed. Bunny had become... ICE CREAM BUNNY.

ice cream bunny

Endowed with super-powers, ICE CREAM BUNNY is here to save the day. Fear no more, cute people of the world, ICE CREAM BUNNY is here to protect you.

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