I want a new earphone and an mp3 player

Long time since my last post :D This time I've a question for the community.

I was thinking of getting myself a portable audio player and an earphone. Haven't yet fully decided on what to buy though. I was thinking of getting a Sennheiser CX 300 or 400. No clue about the player though :(

I'm looking at spending a total of about 300 - 325 $ at the max. Highest priority is sound quality. A must - have is the ability to use it on my Linux machine, which means no restrictions like those on the iPod (can add music only with the iTunes?). I would mostly use it on trains or buses on long journeys (which is one reason I thought I would go for the Sennheiser canalphones). Support for OGG and/or FLAC formats would be nice. I don't really care for video support, I just want the music :D

Any suggestions? :)

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