How to solve the "local edit, incoming delete upon update" issue in SVN

When I removed a file from svn it caused me lot of problems. This particular file was in CamelCase and I needed to replace it with a file in lower case. I svn deleted the CamelCase file and committed a copy of the lower case file. All this happened in a windows system. When I updated the checked out branch I got the error :

At revision 17582.
!  +  C FooBar.php
>   local edit, incoming delete upon update

Multiple attempts at svn cleanup, svn update etc. failed. I came across this stack overflow thread which recommended svn resolve. This did not work for me. Further down the thread I came across another solution which worked.

  1. create FooBar.php ( $touch FooBar.php )
  2. svn revert it ( $svn revert FooBar.php )
  3. Check status ( $svn status ) . It should say ?FooBar.php
  4. Now remove FooBar.php ( $rm FooBar.php )

That's it, you're done :)

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