visitor stats on a map

My friend Arun Prabhakar recently started playing around with some visitor stats reporting for his site. He has been gracious enough to extend the service to his friends and now the public as well(by invitation only) :) The service is still in beta, so occassional hiccups might occur. He's been adding more and more tools to complement the visitor count. You can check out the stats on the right sidebar of this blog. So if you want to put in a nice stat counter for your blog or website, head over to

He's just completed a see-your-visitors-on-a-map feature. Here's what it looks like for this blog.

[caption id="attachment_148" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="visitors to blog"]visitors to blog[/caption]

He has very kindly provided a limited-time special invitation code for visitors :) Use the invitation code iwantitbadly to sign up for the service at Kitiyo stats.

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