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We've heard the same thing an umpteen number of times - drive carefully. It is refreshing to hear the same thing being gently given to you instead of pushing it with a stick down your throat. Lest you think that's all there is to Engeyum Eppothum, the movie boasts of excellent characterisation and brilliant performances from its leading cast. M Saravanan has shown that good cinema does not require a superstar and that good cinema will be accepted by audiences.

The movie opens with a horrifying accident involving 2 buses - one heading from Trichy to Chennai and the other in the opposite route. The film then unravels some of the characters in the buses and takes the audience to the lives and love. Each of those characters offer a chance to connect. You would stand by idly and move on in accident involving people you do not know. You would be actively involved in the rescue effort if a loved one's life is at stake. This film gives you ordinary characters you can connect with and through their pain, feel disturbed. This is,perhaps, in contrast to the young men in Ko whose desire to see a change in the political system is not explained with much depth. Other devices were employed by the filmmakers to keep the audience connect.

Among the characters in the movie the character of Manimegalai ( played by Anjali ) stands out. Anjali portrays the strong Nurse brilliantly. Practical to the point of being blunt, her antics finds us giving her a special place in our hearts. Kathiresan, played by Jai, provides an excellent foil to Manimegalai. Simple and naive, his true love makes him endearing to the audience. The two other leads - Amutha ( Ananya ) and Gautham ( Sharvanand ) also plays their role very well. There are some side characters, like a Gulf returnee who is dying to finally meet his daughter, who provide richness to the texture of the film.

In this age of superstar movies and mindless song - dance routines this film provides a welcome relief. Do watch it.

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