CKWL on Tatkal railway ticket

So the other day I booked a tatkal ticket online from IRCTC. After the usual 500 errors and multiple tries I came to the "Congratulations!" page where they gave me the ticket details. And this is what I found in the ticket's status "CKWL 23". I wondered what the heck it was. Googling did not help. I shot off a mail to the IRCTC customer care and within half an hour I got their reply. Reproducing their reply below -

Dear Customer,

Kindly note that CK stands for Tatkal CKWL means Tatkal Wait list Ticket.

Thanks & Regards

So there it goes. Official reply from IRCTC. CKWL is the waiting list for the tatkal quota. It's just like the "WL" you get on the normal ticket, except it's on the tatkal quota. No idea what CK stands for though.

Although the reply wasn't exactly Shakespeare, I was impressed that they got back to me so soon. It's nice to see the Railways doing good stuff. There's still room to improve though.

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Update : Found something in the IRCTC site in the ngpay FAQ. It says(in point 9)

Booking can be done against general (GN), ladies (LD) and tatkal (CK) quota berths/seats only.

. What this means is that GNWL is General Quota Waiting list, LDWL is Ladies Quota Waiting List and CKWL is Tatkal Quota Waiting list. Pretty much any 4 letter acronym ending in WL is some Waiting list quota or another. For instance if you have been wondering what PQWL means in IRCTC, then it is a Pooled Quota Waiting List.

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